The Treatment Lab

Loyalty Card

We have a loyalty card scheme here at the treatment lab.  Get a stamp each time you have your Sports Massage and Injury Treatments with us, and your 6th Treatment will be half price*.  No pre-payment needed for a course of treatments!

*50% discount cannot be used with any other discount










Terms and Conditions

  1.  50% discount on the 6th treatment cannot be used with any other discount.  When using the 50% discount, a 30 minute appointments will be £15, a 60 minute treatment will be £30 (the £10 discount used for 60 minute bookings cannot be used with the 50% discount).
  2. The discount can only be used on Sports Massage and Injury treatment appointments.  It cannot be used for Beauty Therapy or Gait Analysis/podiatry appointments.
  3. If you loose your loyalty card, you will not loose you eligibility.  We keep a record of your bookings, and we will apply the discount to your 6th treatment.
  4. We have the right to cancel the loyalty card scheme at any time, without prior notice.