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Sports Massage Benefits for Runners

15th August 2017












Sports Massage- How it can help your running

If you run regularly, you have probably suffered with sore legs!  Your legs work hard when you are running, and it is a good idea to have a sports massage to help prevent injury, and to keep your muscles in optimal condition.

Sports massage can help remove waste products of exercise, helping in muscle recovery after long training runs and events.  Sports massage improves circulation, allowing the recovery process to potentially shorten.

Sports massage also helps improve muscle flexibility by stretching muscle and fascia, that will improve muscle length and joint range of motion. Sports massage will also work on any tight areas in muscles, improving overall muscle function.  By improving these tight areas, this can also help reduce the risk of injury.  By improving flexibility and range of motion, your muscles will be at less risk of strains.  Also, tight muscles can lead to reduced mobility, changing your gait.  This can then put you at risk of many injuries throughout the legs and back.








When should you get a Sports Massage?

There are different types of Sports Massage:

Pre-event Sports Massage takes place leading up to a race.  It is generally a lighter depth massage, and can take place up to 7 days before an event.  It will help stretch the muscles in preparation for the big race!

Post event Sports Massage takes place after a race.  It will help stretch tigt muscles, and remove waste products.  It can also help reduce Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  Some events have Sports Massage available immediately after a race, and this type of massage is most effective within 2-3 days of a race.

Maintenance Sports Massage is a very important and useful massage for runners.  This will help during training, and will help keep your muscles in good condition.  If you run regularly, a Sports Massage roughly every 4 weeks can help your muscles recover and help reduce risk of injury.




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