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It’s that time of year again! Take care of your back when gardening

23rd March 2017









Its that time of year again!  Make sure you take care of your back when gardening.  Gardening can involve bending, digging, lifting and repetition. All of these can put you at risk of back injury if you are not careful.  We have some useful tips to reduce the risk of injury whilst working in the garden.

One of the most important techniques at protecting your back is correct bending.  Your knees should be bent, and you should avoid twisting.  By having bent knees, you will be lower to the ground, reducing how much you back will stretch.  This will reduce the pressure on your discs in your lower back.







When weeding or planting, stay kneeling down rather than bending.  Kneel as close as you can to the area that you are working on, to prevent over stretching.  You can use a knee pad to reduce the pressure on your knees.

Using long handled tools for digging and weeding can reduce the amount of bending you will need to do, and so will help protect your lower back from unnecessary strain.

If you are lifting, be sure to lift correctly.  Again, bend your knees and use your legs when lifting.  Also, avoid twisting whilst lifting.  This will reduce the pressure on your discs and muscles in your lower back.

Gardening can be hard work, and so make sure that you get regular breaks.  Your body will need rest, so enjoy a well-earned break every 45 minutes.  Also, avoid repetitive movements.  Repetition can lead to an overuse injury such as tennis elbow, so break up repetitive activities by moving onto another job, or just take another break.

General back strengthening exercises should be part of your weekly routine.  Exercises such as pilates classes are good for back health, and may reduce your risk of back injury.  Consult a qualified instructor for this.



Remember- everyone is different, and all injuries are different.  This article is for information only and does not constitute advice for your injury.  You should consult a qualified therapist to accurately diagnose and treat your injury.  You can book in with one of our experts at The Treatment Lab by calling us on 01908 766425.

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