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New Years Resolution? Stick with it!

29th December 2016

Have you set yourself a health based New Year’s resolution?  We have some tips to help you stick with it!


Whether it be a fitness based goal, healthy eating, or general activity- there are ways to make it easy to stick to.

One method that can help is to set smaller goals.  Maybe you have set a goal of completing a 10k race or half marathon, or maybe a triathlon?  People can be more successful at sticking to their New Year’s resolution if smaller, achievable goals have been set.  NHS live well offers great advice for goal setting.

If you have set yourself a triathlon challenge, maybe enter individual events for running, swimming and cycling.  If you have set yourself a challenge of a 10k, half marathon or marathon, maybe set enter yourself into some 5k events.  Parkrun is a very well organised and free event every week.  If you are a beginner to running, the couch to 5k is a great introduction.


For running or activity based New Year’s resolutions, why not join a running club?  Running with other people can help keep you motivated, and many running clubs will have groups for beginners up to experienced runners.

Be sensible with your new fitness regime.  Often people will be very keen in early January (a very busy few weeks for gyms!), but after a month or so, people can lose motivation.  Maybe tiredness sets in, and maybe injury or soreness may put people off.

As tempting as it is to exercise every day in your new routine, your body needs rest!  It will not recover if you do not give it time!  Ensure that you have rest days (at least 2 a week), and maybe try alternative exercise.  If you are running, try swimming or cycling for recovery.  If you are going to the gym, maybe try a class such as Yoga or Pilates.

Recovery methods such as stretching and foam rolling can help reduce soreness from your new fitness activity.  Sports massage can also be beneficial as it can help reduce pain, stretch soft tissue and remove lactic acid.

If you are unfortunate to suffer an injury, it is advised to get it checked by a professional.  They will help diagnose and treat the injury, and give advice on continuing training or resting.  If you continue to train on an injury, you can make it worse.

With most acute injuries, PRICE treatment is recommended to help the healing process.



Remember- everyone is different, and all injuries are different.  This article is for information only and does not constitute advice for your injury.  You should consult a qualified therapist to accurately diagnose and treat your injury.  You can book in with one of our experts at The Treatment Lab by calling us on 01908 766425.

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